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Turf & Industrial Equipment Company specializes in utility vehicles designed for both on road and off-road Consumer or Commercial application, available in gas, diesel, or electric. We Offer, John Deere Gator Utility Vehicles, Club Car Industrial Utility Vehicle and zero-emission electric Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (LSV), Vantage Vehicles gas and electric, and Firefly Essential Services Vehicle.

No where else in the Bay Area will you find as many vehicle options.

Electric Utility Vehicles

Electric utility vehicles are becoming more and more popular today. The increase in the level of awareness of people about the environmental hazard of diesel-driven cars is considered as one of the reasons for the increase of EUV demands. As a result, many car manufacturers today are spending their time and effort on the production of new full-electric vehicles and new hybrid models to cater such demands.

There are different types of utility vehicles found in market today. Some popular products are the following:

  • Gator™ TE Electric Utility Vehicles (John Deere) - engineered to give a quiet, powerful, and comfortable utility vehicle capable of accomplishing a full day of work. It is powered by a standard 48V system with 8 Trojan T-105 batteries, allowing faster acceleration, climbs hills better, and performs evenly until recharge.

  • EUV with hydraulic skip (EV ATX280E) – is known for great power and resistance, zero emission and with superlative loading capacity. It features 6 kW SEM excitation engine, double speed mode, engine braking system with energy recovery, full floating rear axle, auxiliary cooling electro-fan for jobs in tough conditions, best in class 600 A controller, 24x2 V removable high performance cells and on-board high frequency charger to plug everywhere.

  • EUV ST1-A900 / ST1-A1500 ( Passenger transport) – this particular model can be used in all the structure of production, distribution or service, for small, medium or big sites : Industries, attraction parks, exhibition parks, places of interests, leisure centers, camping, airports, hospitals, warehouses, maintenance services, persons with reduced mobility, etc.

  • The Ranger EV by Polaris - it has a range of up to 50 miles before it needs to be recharged. Its power-trains consist a bank of deep-cycle batteries that fuels a DC electric motor that drives a transaxle and propels the wheels.