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John Deere's Latest Additions to Its Product Lineup

John Deere does not stop giving customers with new innovations aimed at providing more conveniences for their agricultural and industrial equipment needs. This year John Deere introduced its latest additions to its product line that can help you in achieving a more efficient work.

Here are some of the newly released products:

Tractor Series

If you are into tractors, you are probably familiar with John Deere's tractor series such as the Compact Tractor 2000, 3000, and the 5E series. But you will be delighted to know the latest additions to its tractor products; customers can now experience firsthand the company's 5E 3-Cylinder Series, 5E 4-Cylinder Series, 5G Series, 5GL Series, and others.


John Deere has also released in 2014 combine harvester products, namely: S Series; T Series, and W Series. These technologies offer 'remarkable performance' in the field and with low maintenance requirement, deliver your desired quantity without compromising quality, and give proven reliable designs that cater a wide range of crops.


John Deere also released in 2014 a new line of sprayers designed to cater your farming equipment needs. The company made available to the customers M700/M700i Series trailed sprayers, highlighted as products of outstanding reliability and spraying accuracy. These sprayers feature advanced automated systems like BoomTrac or Section Control.'

The company has also released M900/M900i Series trailed sprayers, which feature 5200 and 6200 liters of solution tank capacities; Booms with 24-30 m with double-fold and 27-40 m with triple-fold configuration.


A baler, as you might already know, is used to compress cut and raked crops into compact bales. John Deere in 2014 introduced its latest designs - the F400 Series, its all-new range of fixed chamber balers. This equipment is designed for easy, robust, compact, and economical use. The project also features multi-crop capability, heavy duty design, high capacity, and efficient wrapping system.

There are still a lot of additions to John Deere's product line. With the innovative minds of people behind this brand, we can expect more in the coming years.

Full list of John Deere’s product additions in 2014