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Primary Uses of Club Car Utility Vehicles

Club Car utility vehicles are quite versatile and can be used in a wide variety of different applications.  These utility vehicles are gaining in popularity due to their versatility among a wide variety of different industries.  We have outlined a few of the primary uses of these types of vehicles below:

  • Farms – Working on a farm can be quite difficult at times.  There never seems to be enough help and there is always more things to do than there are people to do them.  This is why farm owners often purchase Club Car utility vehicles to help around the farm.  These vehicles are rugged, and do not complain when you put them to work.  Whether it's helping with the horses or just helping around the barn, utility vehicles are a great way to increase productivity on the farm.
  • Large Venues – When you have a large area that you need to cover quickly, utility vehicles can be a huge help.  Many times when there are large numbers of people in a condensed area, it can be difficult to quickly move from one side of the venue to another.  With utility vehicles you can quickly move between the crowd with ease.  People are much more willing to move aside when they see a utility vehicle as opposed to if you were just walking through the crowd.  At venues, these vehicles are often used to transport supplies and even used in emergencies to transport injured players or patrons to safety. 
  • Hunting Trips – Avid hunters often use Club Car utility vehicles to travel in the backwoods of hunting grounds across the country.  These utility vehicles are able to withstand the rigors of nature and are a huge help when covering long distances in the woods.  These vehicles allow hunters to carry all of their gear as well as any game that they may catch while out in the woods.  Some hunters have even been known to paint their utility vehicles with camouflage paint to blend in with the surroundings. 

No matter what type of need that you may have for a utility vehicle, Club Car utility vehicles have been around for many years and provide both durability, reliability and value.  When a company has been around for as long as Club Car, you know that you are getting a high quality product when you purchase one of these utility vehicles.