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Turf & Industrial Equipment Company specializes in utility vehicles designed for both on road and off-road Consumer or Commercial application, available in gas, diesel, or electric. We Offer, John Deere Gator Utility Vehicles, Club Car Industrial Utility Vehicle and zero-emission electric Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (LSV), Vantage Vehicles gas and electric, and Firefly Essential Services Vehicle.

No where else in the Bay Area will you find as many vehicle options.

Different Types of Utility Vehicle

A utility vehicle is an automobile equipment that is used for commercial, transportation, and recreational activities. It is particularly useful for off-road operations.

There are different types of utility vehicles found in the market today. Many are available for purchase; others are offered for rentals. Listed below are among the most popular types:

Sports Utility Vehicles – these are specifically designed for rough terrain (usually off-road) conquering light to heavy duty jobs or trails. John Deere Utility Vehicles are an example of this type. These are usually equipped with 4-wheel drive for on or off-road ability – they can blaze through water & climb over elevated areas.

Crossover Utility Vehicles – in a simple explanation, a CUV is a sports utility vehicle that is designed on a car frame and with a little off-road capacity. Data provided by shows that there are more or less 40 crossovers on the road today like Toyota’s RAV4 and Infiniti FX.

Electric Utility Vehicles are a quiet, green alternative to UTVs powered by internal combustion engines. They are run by deep-cycle batteries. These can be registered as a motorcycle in many states, allowing them to be driven on city streets.

Light Equipment Vehicles - Vehicles like the Kawasaki's MULE in which a flat bed is added to an all terrain vehicle. Generally used as a maintenance vehicle.

Coupé Utility or Tray Utility Vehicle – originally designed in Australia, this particular type is simply known as ‘utility’ or ‘pick-up truck’. Holden Ute is one example of this type. It has the following features: body style with coupe lines, low profile road tires and alloy rims, low ground clearance.

Utility Terrain Vehicles – typically have higher payload and are longer and wider than ATV’s. UTVs can run payloads from 800 to 1350 lbs. above the operator/passenger weight. Some examples of utility-type models are Kubota, Polariz RZR and Kawasaki Teryx.