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What Sets Stihl Handheld Power Equipment Apart From The Competition

Stihl is one of the most popular manufacturers of handheld power tools in the entire world.  The company actually was started by Andreas Stihl of Germany in 1926 and has continued to hold true to the founder's roots which focused on quality and innovation.  While Stihl may have made their name with their best selling chainsaws, they broadened their product line in the 1970's to focus on other handheld power equipment.  Stihl only sells to independent distributors which are able to offer Stihl handheld power tool service in San Jose and other areas around the country.  There are several key reasons why Stihl handheld power equipment is far superior to other brands.

Dedicated Research and Development Center

Many companies think of chain saws and other power equipment as simple and therefore innovation is not necessary.  Stihl thinks completely differently when designing and improving their products.  Since the company's humble beginnings, Stihl has worked to find ways to make life easier for their customers.  This has resulted in a wide variety of patents and innovations which make using handheld power equipment more comfortable for the average customer.  Innovations such as electronic ignition, a gearless saw and others have allowed Stihl products to excel while others have remained stagnant. 

Robust Distributor Network

Stihl prides itself on selling their products only to a select number of distributors that meet the strict standards instituted by Stihl.  No matter what type of equipment is purchased from a distributor, it will be backed by a strong network of retail locations offering Stihl handheld power tool service in San Jose and beyond. 

Commercial Quality Products

If you familiarize yourself with the colors of the Stihl brand which are predominately orange and white, you will notice Stihl equipment almost everywhere.  During the summer months when you are stopped at a stoplight take notice of any landscaping trucks that are near you.  Chances are that they will be outfitted with Stihl chainsaws, trimmers and blowers.  This is because commercial landscapers understand how rugged and reliable Stihl products can be for their business.  Whether for commercial or residential use, Stihl products will not disappoint. 

Made in USA

While Stihl was founded in Germany, many of the products are manufactured right here in the USA.  Recently Stihl built a world class manufacturing facility in Virginia Beach which employs a large number of people.  The manufacturing area and office space in Virginia Beach, VA now amount to more than one million square feet. 

Whether in need of Stihl handheld power tool service in San Jose or you are interested in purchasing new Stihl equipment rest easy knowing that the Stihl brand is here to stay!